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Astralite Table – It is perhaps coffee. . There cannot be a more intimate description of a beverage than that.

Perhaps it’s the setting which makes coffee the beverage of romance. What better means to do it then over coffee tables. But we are talking about the open air cafés which make Europe the most intimate spot to be.

Imagine some cobble stoned street in Zurich, a small open café, a small dining table and two cups of Mocha. What else do you really need but great firm? Additionally, it helps that coffee is significantly less expensive and you do not need to wait till sunlight to enjoy some intimate time over a coffee. After all, love affair frequently happens at an early age and a romantic candle light dinner is not feasible always. Rather meeting over a cup of coffee and talking over the tiny dining table becomes the better choice.

Considering the romantic crowd which throngs the cafes, coffee table romance has come to be a word now. There are many romantic stories where the young fans meet over a cup of coffee and the relationship blossoms. So what makes coffee table intimate apart from the coffee? Some say it must be the dimensions. Smaller than usual dinner table, it’s simpler to lean across a tiny little table and become dropped into each other’s eyes.

One romantic writer once mentioned how she got all her ideas by watching the open-air café across the road to her property. Every day she’d see familiar and new couples wander in the café, sit across the coffee table, and have lost in their world. There were people who were obviously testing waters and then there were the older couples who came again and again.

Coffee tables in that café needs to have borne witness to so many romantic moments. I mean just how many people began their relation over a coffee. So much so that publication vendors nowadays use the coffee table to advertise their books. These can be called coffee table studying, small light romantic readings which capture the eye of people who take a little time to stop at the café.

When it’s at a café or at home, coffee tables instantly set up a romantic setting. Furniture stores also sell these tables labeled romantic, only so that you can set up that terrace love-nook on your own. If you can’t go to Europe, bring the romance of these areas directly to your door step with those amorous coffee tables.

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