Inversion Table For Sale Craigslist


Inversion Table For Sale Craigslist

Inversion Table For Sale Craigslist – Have you ever just wished to let your funky style spill out into your decor? Do oval coffee tables using short little legs in maple or mahogany bore you to tears? If this is the case, you have come to the ideal place really! In the totally far out to the only a little strange, we discuss em all!

A Auto in the Living Room?

How would you prefer a coffee table made out of old auto parts? Wow your car buff friends with these fantastic tables that have been buffed and shined, chrome legs and the authentic emblem from the car on the dining table. How a lot of folks do you know that can say they have a 1986 Cadillac for a living room coffee table?

Games Anyone?

One of the most intriguing pieces you are able to find is a coffee table with built in pinball machine. The gamers in your own life will love this one. The pinball isn’t an actual functioning table but you can not tell by looking at it. Built with the playing area and lights of a real machine this coffee table is guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Tropical Paradise

Another strange albeit retro type coffee table on the market these days is your apparent acrylic octagon fish aquarium coffee table. The base of this table is really a 28 gallon lighted aquarium that comes with light and all of the fun aquatic scenery for the base of the tank. The shirt is a solid 3/8 inch glass top with rounded edges for extra safety. Along with being truly unique with the mild bubbling and soft light, it adds a gentle relaxing ambiance.


When you thought you had seen it all, how about a coffee table that tells the time? The top of the funky coffee table is actually an LCD displaying the time in aqua blue!

Silver Wear

Possibly the funkiest of funky coffee tables is that the one made entirely out of spoons and forks. Made entirely out of silver use, this dining table isn’t necessarily sensible but it is one certain way to have some attention.


There is a funky coffee table available for anyone’s taste. From mildly strange to outright eccentric imagination is the only limit when it comes to funky coffee tables.

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